Studio VV6 Journal

February 2017 Studio Update


  • Natural language research
  • VR Experience
  • Cyborg Futures
  • Core Interaction at Parsons
  • Philosophie
  • Palm Springs – Extended Modern Comfort with Ace Hotel
  • Interview at Trytobegood

Friends – 

Hope that you’re doing well, this is a mid–winter update. The end of ‘16 and early ‘17 has been busy and I wanted to share some of the exciting projects I am working on.

NLP research

AS I mentioned late last year I am starting a long research into the user–centric applications of natural language processing with a team of linguistics and computer scientists. Leading to this research voice–controlled systems and augmented aural reality have become very top of mind.

I am seeking partners and collaborators interested in the field.

VR Work

I have recently started working with a group of artists and creative technologist to image, ideate and design a content experience in VR. The design system consists of a gradual 1D, 2D, 3D and 4D progression and involves spatial typesetting, sound and branding.

Cyborg Futures

This Spring I will be working with fellow scientists, designers and artists on building an artificial sense. This project is a collaboration between Cyborg Futures and Parsons, and has already yielded some wildly interesting thinking. Such as: What is a sense? How may we build a sense that can work collaboratively with other senses? and more.

Core Interaction at Parsons

I started teaching core interaction at Parsons together with Bryant Wells, whom I first met at Potion, and later at A-B-Z conference in Toronto this past Summer. For the class I am experimenting with a decentralized model where each student was asked for their unique interest in design, that answer was then summarized into a theme, which the student then owns and develops throughout the course, next to more traditional tasks and material.

You can see some of the material at:


I have been helping Philosphie New York with strategy and ML work. Ideating what does the future of human machine augmentation mean in large collaborative enterprise environments. The work has been incredibly exciting, and very much aligned with other sentiments I have shared on Everything Will Happen

I hope to share more of this work soon.

Palm Springs: Extended Modern Comfort

It’s almost time. This 6 months project we kicked off at the of Summer is about to reach fruition with our symposium at Ace Hotel and Swim Club in Palm Springs in a few weeks.

We have been publishing the collaborators’ essays on Medium, and felt like the body of work warranted a slower output, so we will be working on a newsprint of all of essays, designed by Justin Kay Thomas.

The newsprint will distributed for free during our symposium, in the other Ace locations, or directly from the studio.

I hope that you can join us.

Extended Modern Comfort
2.25.2017, 7pm
Ace Hotel and Swim Club
Palm Springs, CA

Trytobegood Show

I joined Fei and Stephanie in a discussion about Art and Artificial Intelligence, over at Fei’s show: Trytobegood radio. You can read, and listen more via this Medium post

I am looking for new projects commencing March, and would happily come in to share some of this material with your team to promote a collaboration.

Kindest regards. Nitzan Hermon